Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Very First Lollipop Girls of C.S.D.

Founder-Lynnette Davis a.k.a. Cherry Lolita
21 RANDOM Facts About Me......
I'm happily married. I gave birth naturally 4x because I'm afraid of needles, yet I have 5 tattoos. I was born and raised in Hawaii. I love 80's music! My lucky number is 7 and has been since I was 7 years old. I was in the February issue of SEVENTEEN magazine when I was 19. I refuse to cook with dishes in the sink. I'm addicted to Pina Colada's! I wear flip flops in Winter. I need to have a napkin with every drink, snack or meal I have. Yes, even if it's JUST a drink. I don't like to be tickled. My favorite color is pink. I wash my hands often. I am very competitive, but I usually only compete with myself. I don't like to shave everyday. I usually only shave twice a week. I don't gain weight even if I eat tons of food. Yes, hate me! I've never smoked. I lived near the ocean but am not a fan of seafood. Sometimes I have my Jessica Simpson moments. I work best under pressure so I do almost everything at the last minute. I don't like talking on the phone. So don't call me!
Jennifer Priest a.k.a. Butterscotch Scrapper
Jennifer Priest used to be an Arabic Linguist for the Army and is now a Veteran of the U.S. Army. Yes Folks! We have a REAL Hero on our team! She's never been off this continent but hopes to be able to go someplace fun one day. She has a BA in English and hates reading, she re-married her ex-husband (long story!) and is exactly 1 foot shorter than him. She has been growing her hair for Lock of Love for the past 3 years. She's working on her 2nd ponytail to donate. Speaking of hair....her hair used to be bone straight until she hit the 3rd grade, then it all of a sudden went curly. She has 2 kids and they each have silly nicknames-Monkey and Mogar. She loves Ice Cream, Comedies, the show Project Runway and Electronic Music (Orbital is her all time favorite group). One of her favorite things to do is go to Indie Craft Fairs. She's tried Twittering and it just isn't for her. She makes some mean tacos....probably because of her heritage. She used to collect Garfield Products and still has a Plush Garfield Collection. She's related to Will Rogers and she's a Girl Scout Leader and her favorite part of scrapbooking is all the friends she's made because of it.
Jenny Brannies a.k.a. Candy Apple Red
She's in her mid 30's and has been scrapbooking since 2001. She has a 3 year old son named Caleb whom I can guarantee you will be seeing a lot of on her layouts. ;) She has a garlic and glitter fetish and loves playing playdoh with her son. She's had the same bff for 22 years. She's a natural blonde and can prove it. LOL She's completely addicted to this silly game on Facebook called Farmtown. She can't stand hairy men but is married to one and just deals with it. hehe BTW, her mom hooked her and her husband up while she was working with him in another state. That's just crazy I tell ya! LOL She turned down a music scholarship to Berklee College of Music because of a boy....Her favorite food is grits with lots of butter and salt. She's had 4 last names but has only been married once. Speaking of being married....when she married her husband she wore a burgandy colored wedding gown because she hates the color white. I'm just surprised it wasn't Candy Apple Red. LOL She wants another baby oh so badly and she stalks the mailman daily. It's a sickness. She owns over 75 packages of Thickers and counting. I mean, you can never have too many right? ;) What's not to love about Jenny from the block? She's a blonde....so I know she's fun and her talent is simply perfect. Plus, she's been on a Design Team with me before this and we had a blast together then as I am sure we will now.
Melissa Ferguson a.k.a. Cupcake
She's Canadian and you've guessed it....she loves cupcakes. A little bit about her that I'd like to share with you all....She LOVES reality tv shows, Ryan Seacrest, the color "sparkle", marshmallows, video games and Lemon Meringue Pie Ice Cream. She HATES sushi and driving but she has to do it daily. Driving that is. She's HAD an invisible friend as a child named Himma and she HAS a crazy dog and an even crazier cat now. She's cried 3 times watching "Up", has backpacked through Costa Rica, has lived on an island, was named after the girls on little house of the prairie, was bald until she was 2 and would always wear a holly hobby bonnet and she collects coins. She CAN play the ukulele and she CAN'T wink. She's a Capricorn but is nothing like she's supposed to be and she has 12 toes....just kidding.....that's just really random.....and funny. LOL
Jennifer French a.k.a. Orange Passion
She's proven to be dependable, reliable and so very kind as she has helped me out a lot during the Pre-Launch faze while I was on vacation in Hawaii. So happy am I that I get to introduce you all to her again. Orange Passion is a small town girl with a dream of one day becomming a photographer and if she could she would also be a bird (for the view), a kid again (to remember what it was like), a cat (for lazy days), a tourist (for obvious reasons of wanting to travel) and a teacher with her own room. She is currently a substitute teacher in a school where 4 generations of her family have attended. She's a mom to a 5 year old girl named Natalie and I'm sure you'll be seeing lots of pictures of Natalie in her up-coming work. She's 29 + 4 and she loves....pico de gallo, the smell of cilantro, mexican food, Pirate of the Caribbean movies, mocha frappes, fruity lotions from Bath and Body, the way the sky looks on a super cold day in February and getting super dirty when mowing the lawn because the shower she takes afterward is simply the best.....it makes her feel CLEAN. She loves to have her windows in her house open to hear the outdoors, she loves to travel to Florida and enjoys all the theme parks there and she would like to see a Titanic Exhibit. She has 3 cute dogs, 2 shihtzus and a pug. She has a huge fear of bats....the flying kind....not the ones in baseball. She doesn't like swimming in a lake....for fear a fish will touch her. LOL Yeah, I laugh but I have quite the same fear. Oh and....she still laughs at Friends reruns as I'm sure we all do.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Dr. Annika Prestwich a.k.a. Pink Coffee Bean
You all just don't even know how excited I am to be able to say that little tidbit about her! To kick the cliche totally out of the window. Dr. Ann.....I mean......Pink Coffee Bean immigrated to England from Sweden and has been scrapbooking for a couple of years now. What do I love about her? Well that's easy! I love the fact that she is an inspiring individual not only as a Dr./Scrapbooker but as a Highly Motivated person. I hope that everyone of you will be inspired by her as I am. Now, why is her nickname Pink Coffee Bean you ask? Well, it's because she has a serious coffee addiction, especially for Caffe Latte! When she gets home sick she's been known for taking strolls down to Ikea to drink a cup of Swedish Coffee and she even collects Starbucks coffee mugs. Oh! And her favorite color is Pink. That explains the mix. Pink Coffee Bean has always loved pens and pencils and she used to collect them as a little girl (her husband still claims she does). Speaking of her husband....they met while playing World of Warcraft, an online computer game. She loves cats. Especially her first cat named Mozart. She used to be a cheerleader and loves to dance. She loves the feel and smell of new books, especially medical textbooks. I didn't know they had a different scent to them. I learn something new everyday! She loves lists! To-do lists, lists of scrapping supplies she wants to buy, etc. She uses her cooking/baking skills as a pick-her-upper whenever she's feeling down. She's developing her gardening skills by trying at least one new thing to grow every summer. This summer it happened to be strawberries and blueberries. Yummy! She carries an English Diploma for playing the piano and is Photoshop Illiterate. She hordes scrapbooking things. I'm sure she'll use some of it on her DT assignments though. heehee She absolutely HATES wet kitchen roll paper....perhaps we can share with her some techniques on using kitchen roll paper "wet with paint" to take to her scrapbooking layouts. Maybe then she wouldn't hate it so much. She's never ever liked bananas.....even as a toddler and she has an insane sense of humor that only a few certain people understand.

Sandra Polette a.k.a. Rasberry Dazzle
She's a fellow Army Housewife and the definition of "Perfectionist" for those of you who didn't know. With that said it should be no surprise that she has an A-Type personality. I'm drawn to Rasberry Dazzle because we have so many things in common and we're walking on almost the same path in life.We live a life that only 9% of Americans live. It's a hard one, no doubt. But it's making us "strong-minded" individuals. Family comes first with Rasberry Dazzle as it does for me. With chances of your spouse deploying for a year at a time it has to be put first. On a brighter note....She loves taking pictures and would love to start her own Photography Business someday as do I. She's a homebody. Hello!!! Me too! LOL She loves to laugh and to be around people who make her smile....I love positive people myself. :) She loves holidays and special occasions, I do too! She's extremely loyal and so am I. When she's passionate about something there's no stopping her....just like me! Her favorite color is Pink and so is mine. She loves to see her daughter's smile. I live to see the smiles on my kids faces! She loves 80's music and films. OMG! Me too! She loves making people happy and I'm a people pleaser myself. And she loves being a Lollipop Girl. I do too, I mean who wouldn't?! LOL Other than that though, we have a few differences that set us apart. Like the fact that she even knows how to use an ipod and I am just clueless when it comes to those things. LOL She can't stand Orange Juice. I'll drink it minus the pulp. I've never drank coffee in my life and she drinks it everyday. I love the smell of it though. Fall is her favorite season and fall is my least favorite. She's a vegetarian, I love meat! However, I can't think about it too much or else I lose my appetite. She hates to get hot and sweaty unless she's working out. I hate to get hot and sweaty period. I don't even know "how to" work out. LOL White roses are her favorite flower, mine are red. She loves "Dove" Milk Chocolates. I love Milk Chocolates but I'll pass on the Dove! LOL She loves her Mustang, I love my SUV. She loves monkey's, owl's and giraffe's and although I love owl's myself and think monkey's are funny, I could never get passed a Giraffe's black tongue.
Elina Koutsouradi a.k.a. Sour Puss
She's C.S.D.'s Greek Goddess. She discovered scrapbooking 5 years ago during a trip to England and has been scrapbooking ever since. She's from Athens, Greece (hence the reason why I labeled her our "Greek Goddess") and amongst her scrapbooking talent she can also speak 5 different languages. You go girl!!! Don't let her Lollipop Girl nickname fool you either! During the time I have taken to get to know her better I can tell that she is anything BUT a "Sour Puss". I suppose she was "taking one for the team" and decided on her Lollipop Girl nickname because I told her that everyone else had picked such "sweet" names. Our Design Team quote here IS "Sugar and Spice and everything nice, that's what Lollipop Girls are made of!" I love the fact that Sour Puss is just oh so confident. Wanna hear one of her reasons she included on why she would be an asset to the DT? I'll quote her...."I am pretty and beautiful and my photo would look great on your site!!!" LOL Now, that's confidence if I've ever knew the term! A little bit more about Sour Puss because I know you all are just dying to get to know this girl better....She loves food and can't diet.....however, she admits she has a cute trainer. You naughty girl you! She admits that she's not good at telling lies because she just ends up laughing. She doesn't wear any black clothes during the summer. She used to be a professional flamenco dancer (she claims she just can't move like she used to). She works in a hotel on a fabulous island called Mykono's and loves to travel and go on cruises but she calls herself lazy. She has a very good but short term memory (Honestly, what's the use?) and her three best friends are clueless to scrapbooking! I think she should introduce them to it, don't you?

Jennifer Matott a.k.a. Sweettart
She's a New Yorker and our very own Sigma Kappa Sorority Girl. She gives some awesome free tutorials on her blog! Let's see, the little that I do know about her is that...She's a Leo, she's a mommy to 2 boys, she's addicted to art mediums, she's an art teacher and LOVES Diet Coke, she's a wine snob (her husband sells it), she's a Twilight Junkie, she's unorganized and she likes it that way, she's terrified of spiders and she could eat pasta everyday, she has a weakness for Coach bags, she drives a mini van, she lives down the road from where she grew up and she kills plants because she forgets to water them, she collects ribbons, stamps and buttons and she checks her email 5 or more times a day and she gets pedicures every month. The beach is her favorite place and she gets grumpy if she doesn't get enough sleep or coffee. Whew! Nuff said! LOL---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Michelle Jacknicke a.k.a. Twisted Soda Pop
This girl is just SO on it! If I remember correctly, I received her DT Application about a half hour after the DT Call was put out and she's already completed every DT Assignment I've asked of her thus far! During this month I took getting to know all of my Lollipop Girls a little better I kind of learned what it is about each and every one of them that I REALLY like and am drawn to and with Twisted Soda Pop I'd say what I like most about her is her "way of thinking". She's not afraid to tell all and let loose. That's what I've gathered anyway. She's a free spirit! I'd describe her as a little rough around the edges but a total sweetheart! Her style is seriously ALL her own. She's an eclectic Canadian chick who can turn your "stash" into treasure and I'm pretty sure you'll love the way she makes randomness pretty. She's ambidextrous because she draws with her left hand and write's with her right. She SO wishes that she could have been born in the 50's and she says when she's 80 she'll have pink hair. Glitter, Ribbons, Buttons and Jewels Oh My! She loves little art creations and often makes ATC's. Her favorite color is Tango Orange, her favorite number is 13 and her favorite color cardstock is black. She has a thing for big sunglasses, skulls and skeletons. Hey, maybe she can help us take some out of our closets during this DT ride. She has a thing for bee's because she was raised on a bee farm with her grandparents and her family consists of crazy musicians. She collects comic books and is an insomniac. She's addicted to the game scrabble and wishes she could be a photographer for National Geographic. She loves the rain and everything about it...she thinks it's cleansing. She loves to cruise around in old hot rods and she loves challenge blogs.....go figure!


Sandy said...

Loved reading all the bio's! Giggled through each one---you have a way with words Lynnette--love ya! :)

Jenny B in Indy said...

I have quite alot in common with these ladies. Glad to "meet" you all and can't wait to work with you! :)

Jennifer said...

Loved reading about you all! Congrats to everyone!